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Medical Travel Asia - Corona Virus

A Guide To The COVID-19 Pandemic

 What you need to know about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19).

7 Steps To Prevent Heart Disease At Any Age

Cardiovascular diseases is a serious epidemic worldwide.

6 Tips for Weight Loss That Are Proven to Work

There is a plethora of promising weight loss tips out there.

5 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Joint Pain

Joints are important parts of our body as they form the connections between the bones.

Wellness & Spa

Spa Tourism in South East Asia

Would you like the opportunity to go on a spa holiday?

Nature’s Best for Your Face

Facials are a common practice around the world, Asia included.

The Eastern Approach to Pain Management

There has been a noticeable trend of people looking for alternative pain management.

Beach Spa – Nature’s Gift of Ultimate Rejuvenation

Are you looking for the perfect respite to reinvigorate?

Travel Asia

Best Island Beaches in Malaysia

If your dream vacation has always involved soaking in the sun, sea, sand and surf.

Kitesurfing: An Extreme Adrenaline Rush

Bored of all the usual water sports activities? Meet kitesurfing!

The Most Beautiful Ancient Temples in Asia

Many an adventurous explorer from the West have made their way to the region’s shores.

A Walk Down Memory Lane – World Heritage Sites in Asia

For a getaway to feed your soul, why not browse through some of the world’s heritage sites?

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