Are you struggling with the haze? Do you find it challenging to find a solution for it every time it shows up?

Haze is something that can’t be staved off completely. However, its effects can be drastically reduced. All you need to do is to follow these tips below to say goodbye to haze!

1) Avoid going outdoors

This can be a challenging thing to achieve as most of our daily routine requires us to travel around, but this could be of great help in improving your health condition.

If you like to exercise in the open, try to exchange this with indoor exercises when it is haze season. We inhale a lot of oxygen while exercising; as a result, taking in a lot more pollutants into the lungs.

2) Organize more indoor activities

It goes without saying, staying indoors is the best way to avoid haze. If possible, try to carry out all the activities that you’ve been performing outside. In fact, try not to open windows and doors unless it’s necessary. An air purifying system will help a lot to filter out dust particles and impurities.

3) Wear a mask

When it comes to situations when you’ve to go out wearing a mask is of great help. It is a must for people with respiratory or heart issues. You’ll easily find such masks out there, such as the N95 masks that are specially made to filter the air. However, remember to change your mask after each use as once it is dirty or contaminated by impuritants, it should not be reused again.

4) Medicines

If you’ve got a runny nose or your eyes have started to itch recently, it could be due to the haze. But don’t worry, be it your throat, nose, or skin;the symptoms can be alleviated with proper steps. If you’ve been coming across cough, runny nose, and sneezing problems, you can solve this problem by only taking some cough solution, herbal lozenges and lots of warm water.

People who are dealing with irritated eyes can use a few drops of saline solution to clean the eyes from dust and other toxic substances brought by the haze.

5) Maintain a Healthy Diet

Drinking as much as water possible helps to flush out the toxic substances from your body. Secondly, eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E such as fish and nuts can protect the eyes and lungs from toxic substances. Vitamins C and E are responsible for the health of your tissues that which aid your lungs in breathing functions. In short, a healthy diet would help you a lot if you need a solution to reduce the effect of haze.

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