Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in a competitive era on the pursuit of beauty, it is becoming increasingly in the hands of plastic surgeons.

The multibillion-dollar industry is represented on virtually all television channels across the globe, and is easily accessed online[1]. With celebrities and social-media influencers flocking the ideal image of 2018 beauty, the procedures have now interested both men and women from their late 60s to as early as the age of 15.

The practice of going under the knife is viewed by many as a gateway to better careers and the key to a happier life, especially as the industry continues to boast more variety in their procedures to cater to the specific desires of an individual.

The high demand for a plastic appearance is also fuelling the infatuation with beauty, and has transformed the Asian continent into the Las Vegas strip of cosmetic and plastic surgery.


  • Vaginal Rejuvenation


Never before has a women’s privates garnered so much hype, at least, not in the open[2]. But as women’s awareness of their bodies increase in public conversations, more and more women are resorting to procedures that would restore the youthful form and function of their genitalia. Vaginal rejuvenation is expected to continue to trend with more convenient and painless procedures being introduced.

The modern approach of non-invasive procedures in vaginal rejuvenation is 2018’s female Viagra claims Dr. Stevens, a plastic surgeon from California. It addresses dramatic change in vaginal form that is often caused by childbirth, menopause and active penetration. The laser treatment enhances the tightness of the muscles and the pelvic floor. This promotes genuine medical benefits such as preventing leakage and stimulating lubrication.

Standing at an overall cost of less than RM3,000 or USD720, Malaysia bags the place as one of the cheapest destinations for a designer vagina procedure[3], and as one analysis from International Living Magazine put it, the country was also ranked highly of their study medical procedures, hospital cleanliness and medical preparation[4]. Gem Clinic[5] in Petaling Jaya specialises in regeneration and aesthetics, making them the go-to in vaginal rejuvenation.

CHICING Plastic Surgery is the architect of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Taiwan.

The clinic had franchised in different parts of the country to provide the experience in the pursuit of beauty to everyone. Among their multiple procedures catering to women is their vaginal rejuvenation costing NT$25,000 or USD800. The procedure is accompanied by the MonaLisa Touch – an advanced laser system of the highest standards.


  • Fat Removal & Body Contouring


As an approach to combat the traditional methods of rigorous workout routines and excessive dieting habits, procedures that remove fat and contour the body to a desired shape is becoming more distinct. Despite being around for decades, the procedure is now recently taking flight as people’s attitudes and opinions towards plastic surgery shifts.

With the continuing boom of technology, techniques in the plastic and cosmetic industry has become less painful for its patients, with shorter recovery times. Non-invasive procedures have eliminated risks otherwise associated with invasive processes, such as embolism and infections. Freezing and heating, for example, are painless and natural procedures to eliminate fat cells from the body. The Brazilian Butt Lift has gotten more responses than ever, since substituting the more risky and painful Butt Augmentation procedure.

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ko Chung Beng, the Dr. KO Clinic in Palembang, Indonesia is one of Asia’s leading dermatology and laser centres. Their Peau d’Orange Fat & Cellulite Reduction scheme eliminates fat and tightens connective tissues in unflattering areas of the body.

The Glojas Health Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a beauty and aesthetic facility specialised in Hair Restoration, Aesthetic Medicine and Body Contouring. They practice non-invasive procedures personalised to the patient’s desired body. Through their processes of contouring, fat is transferred from one part of the body and transferred to another part of the body.

In South Korea, the Regen Beauty Medical Group boasts a team of experienced medical staff and doctors, while employing the latest technology and equipment. They adopt a 360-degree Total Care system that ensures the patient’s health and comfort from check-up to diagnosis. Their body contouring procedure, however is accompanied by trained doctors, high-tech medical research and an individualised medical plan.


  • Facial Rejuvenation


A growing awareness of the importance of natural and healthy living has stemmed in the current generation. As a result, many are turning away from synthetic aesthetic options for rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation works as an anti-aging procedure of incorporating natural substances to treat the face. The stem cell therapy is the extraction of the patient’s body fat to be used as wrinkle treatments and facial volume.

Dr. Kuladeva Ratnam is the Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon at ARC Medical Group – a medical aesthetics and plastic surgery clinic in Malaysia. They are known for their facial rejuvenation procedures and good customer service.

CHICING Plastic Surgery in Taiwan also boast medical professionals specialising in facial rejuvenation. With 18 years of experience in health and beauty, the doctors and surgeons are fully-equipped with the latest skill in structuring the face patients have been pining for.

Customised consultation with a board of certified specialists, and service by medically-trained and experienced professionals is the system adopted by the JK Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea. The medical institute was recognised as the Best Hospital for International Patients in 2015 and was later approved by the Ministry of Health & Welfare in 2017. But, as impressive as their awards are, the JK Plastic Surgery Center also provides non-invasive surgeries. Their Recovery Injection procedure designs the age their patients want to look, by manipulating the structures of the skin to become less wrinkled and dry.


  • Eye Rejuvenation


An Asian favourite and commonly sought after by the younger demographic, the eye rejuvenation procedure is achieved through synthetic fillers and injectable hyaluronic acid gel. This would eventually restore the volume of the eye, specifically towards the upper lid sulcus, lower lid-cheek junction, brows, midface and temples. As a result, the face would look much younger and fresh.

Where expertise meets experience; the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia caters to services in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, fat reduction and hair restoration. Their mastery in treating dark circles and eye bags is evident in their Exilis and Mesotherapy procedures. The non-invasive and injection-based treatments focuses on producing firmer and radiant skin.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic in South Korea is geared towards becoming the hub of plastic surgery in Asia. In its 13 years of medical experience, the clinic has had no medical accidents. Their upper blepharoplasty surgery is targeted towards correcting saggy eyelids and eye wrinkles. The surgery is designed to give a younger-looking effect. As safety is their most basic principle in practice, View Plastic Surgery Clinic continues the discipline of putting their patients’ health and comfort above all else.

At the VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea, a non-incision double eyelid surgery is offered without incising the skin. Instead, multiple micro holes are punctured along the double eyelid line creating a natural look. The lead doctor at the VIP International Plastic Surgery Center is Dr. Myung Ju Lee, a well-decorated surgeon and founder of the VIP medical brand.


  • Chin & Jaw Contouring and Augmentation


In the trends of aesthetic beauty, there’s been a rising demand for longer-lasting and bulkier facial fillers – ones that could potentially replace nose job and facelift procedures altogether. These fillers are often times the quicker and safer option, especially as treatments like the non-surgical nose job, chin augmentation and liquid face lifts become the talk of the cosmetic beauty community.

In commitment to providing the highest level of skin and aesthetic treatments, Dr. Chong Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia generates an individualised medical programme catered specifically to the needs of their patients. Their reasonable pricing on surgeries and procedures, without compromising on medical and service quality allows the clinic to accommodate potential customers who do not have the financial resources to fund their treatments. At less than RM2,000 or USD500, their chin augmentation procedure balances the facial features by strengthening the structure of the overall chin.

As the largest plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan, the CHICING Plastic Surgery branch in Taichung have a team of passionate medical doctors and surgeons. Their high standards in health and beauty has encouraged their pursuit towards perfection and maintenance in cosmetic procedures. A chin augmentation treatment at the clinic would cost around NT$120,000 or USD3900.







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