The New Heart of Asia

The heartland of Malaysia and the rising center of Asia’s innovation and advancements.

From the gleaming metropolis of Kuala Lumpur to the exquisite capital of Putrajaya, the central region of Malaysia is also the economic, cultural and administrative heart of Malaysia. Here you’ll find magnificent skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls and theme parks next to heritage buildings and dazzling nature parks.

Made up of more than just its landmarks and business hubs, the central region of Malaysia is a metropolis coloured with its myriad of cultures and ethnicities. Haggle for cheap clothes in Petaling Street Chinatown, savor the best of Malay street food at the night markets and experience the festivities of Batu Caves. The central region of Malaysia is a vibrant kaleidoscope of activities, people, places and everything in between.

Beacon of Exceptionalism

As a centre of international cities, the central region of Malaysia is well-equipped to deal with the diverse medical needs of their international visitors. They are world-class cities providing world-class medical services. Many of Malaysia’s top medical professionals call the central region their home and work in tandem with the most cutting-edge medical technologies and most innovative treatment methods.

The region is renowned for aesthetic, dentistry, gastroenterology, screenings, general surgery, cardiology, fertility, orthopedics and ophthalmology services. Cardiology and Fertility is particularly distinguished. The National Heart Institute (IJN) has become an international training centre for cardiology and cardiac surgery in the Asia-Pacific region with doctors from Japan, Britain, the Middle east and Indonesia training there.

Additionally, Malaysia fertility success rate is about 65 percent on average, significantly higher than the global average, leading medical tourist especially Chinese tourist to travel here. The central region’s Kota Damansara’s TMC Fertility Centre is a particularly renowned establishment and even won ‘International Fertility Clinic Of The Year’ in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018.

With approximately over 5,000 medical establishments in the region. Medical travelers will be spoilt for choice in selecting the best place to heal and recover.

Deliciously Healthy!

Most people think eating healthy means eating boring. Vegetarian meals especially are often seen as bland and unappetizing. However, the modern cities of the Central Region have put a modern spin on hearty healthy meals. The talented chefs of the region have concocted truly wondrous and innovative healthy meals that pack a whole lot of flavor, freshness and nutritional value in an Instagram worthy package

Think leafy greens and thin crunchy carrots wrapped around a hearty tortilla, brown rice laced beautifully with roasted pumpkin and lotus roop chips, fresh yogurt bowls topped with chia seeds, berries, avocados, and coconut flakes, creamy pesto pasta complemented with fresh grilled mushrooms, zucchinis and peppers, and a dash of olive oil. Is your mouth-watering yet? Come and delight your senses in the central regions best healthy restaurants.

Goodness Green Cafe’s Buddha Bowl doesn’t sacrifice any bit of deliciousness for nutrition.

RubberDuck’s scrumptious salad Tandoori Chickpeas, sliced chicken, cherry tomatoes, and baby spinach dressed with olive oil.

Your Beautiful Smile Will Make Someone’s Day

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