Ready to flush out the bad energy, the stress, the worries? Then get on down to Thailand’s many resorts where you can immerse yourself in the country’s stunning natural environment while a masseuse loosens your body. Check out some of them below

Eco-Logic Resort
One of the most highly recommended places in Thailand to stay and luxuriate is the Eco-Logic Resort. Of particular note is their Chumpon’s Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat program, which mixes up traditional wellness tropes such as yoga, massages and meditation with the unconventional outdoors activities like forest treks and soul-nourishing charitable activities involving the nearby school for underprivileged and special-needs kids. It’s a real worthwhile experience especially since the resort’s yoga offers twice-a-day group or private sessions, and classes for kids too! The price for weekend three-day two-night packages starts at B2,000, while the six-day five-night mini yoga packages starts at B4,800.

Kanchanaburi Lakeside Retreat
If you enjoy unconventional and challenging activities, you can visit the Kanchanaburi Lakeside Retreat. The resort is located right on the banks of the Sri Nakarin Lake, Thailand’s largest lake, a four hours’ drive from Bangkok. They offer some fun exciting outdoor activities such as dirt bikes, jet skis, quad bikes, and also on offer the customizable Your Private Escape. It has B9,500 starting price for a single room with a two-nights Weekend Escape, and B16,000 for two people sharing two-nights of Weekend Escape. The price includes the transport to and from Bangkok.

The Mahasiddha Yoga
In Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, the Mahasiddha Yoga resort combines yoga, meditation, and also workshops that focus mainly on Tantra techniques. From the resort, they practice yoga, meditation, and various interactive exercises. Also, you can take some laps in the saltwater pool, sit in on lectures and gain enlightenment or lose yourself as you wander in the Mae Rim’s wilds. The seven-day six-night Tantra Meditation and Yoga retreat costs B12,000, and the five-day four-night Immersion is B3,900.

The Museflower Retreat
The Museflower Retreat in Chiang Rai offers a holistic wellness experience that nails all the buzz words: eco-conscious living, yoga, empowerment, organic food, and even an amazing Himalayan crystal salt pool. The meals provided are vegetarian from the facility’s organic farm. The retreats come in different shapes, which include yoga, spa, spiritual and are available for your personal customization. Each package includes yoga and meditation classes, a personal wellness session, spa treatments and three buffet meals daily. The four-day three-night yoga package’s prices starts at B14,480 for each person.

If you’re not looking to venture far from the city of Bangkok you can get yourself a quick and easy full-day program at Rasayana Retreat. Some therapies includes a far-infrared sauna, a detox aromatherapy massage, a castor oil liver cleanse, and colon flushing. The price for the five hours package is B7,250.

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