Bored of all the usual water sports activities? Meet kitesurfing! As its name implies, the activity, which is a hybrid of both kiting and surfing has been taking over beaches and water recreation parks all over the world.

This is one sport that is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. Defy gravity and conventional wisdom with the many techniques of kitesurfing. Learn to harness the power of the wind and ocean to reach neck-breaking speeds as you soar 20ft into the air! Travel Asia takes a look at some of the kitesurfing hotspots Asia has to offer…


Housing a 6km-long beach with shallow waters and good wind, Hua Hin is Thailand’s top kitesurfing spot. With its pristine sandy beaches and sunny weather, it is also a great tourist attraction. During your downtime, Hua Hin, which is about 200km south of Bangkok, also offers a variety of activities to make your time there truly enjoyable. Among others, you can choose from a myriad of daily trips to places which include the Pala-U waterfalls, the Hua Hin vineyards or other beaches located within the vicinity.

But to enjoy optimal learning conditions, do try to plan your kitesurfing vacation to be between the months of November and April. The monsoon season, occurring from May to October often results in extremely strong winds.



Sri Lanka

The peninsula of Kalpitiya, located in the Puttalam district in the north-western province of Sri Lanka, offers breath-taking scenic beauty; it also happens to be one of the top destinations for kitesurfing in the country.

This is in part due to the excellent winds it gets throughout the year. However, the best time to kitesurf is from May to September. What’s more, Kalpitiya offers several surfing spots to suit your taste and level of experience, from flat water lagoons for beginners to wave-riding spots in the Indian Ocean for serious kiters, as well as ample opportunities for kitesurfing excursions to other sandbanks and nearby tiny islands. To top it off, the ample space available allows for uncrowded kitesurfing sessions, making Kalpitiya a true kiter’s haven.



Dubbed the jewel of the Philippines, Boracay, which is located around 300km south of Manila, was also proclaimed the best island in the world by the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure, back in 2012. With its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, great nightlife and sunny weather all year long, it really is no wonder why.

The windward side of the island, however, is ideal for kitesurfing. For beginners and improvers, there is also a protected lagoon. This sport is especially popular on the island during its windy season, from November to April.


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