City of a Thousand Tales

A UNESCO world heritage site which tells the stories of its people through its age old facades. 

Malacca is a grand old city steeped in history. You can hear the echoes of empires past as you walk past it’s beautiful heritage buildings and explore it’s ancient sites. It was once a mighty naval empire that stretched across the Malayan Archipelago. Malacca’s strategic location promised unmeasured prosperity and thus many wars were fought for this prized marvel.

This resulted in the conception of a landscape marked by an exceptionally unique melting pot of cultures. You can see British, Dutch, Portuguese, Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Nyonya influences in the city’s architecture, traditions, art and food. From it’s galleries, forts, streets, museums, squares and townseverything in Malacca tells a story.

So, take a stroll back in time and immerse yourself in Malacca’s wonders in history, tradition and medical excellence!

Asia’s Masters of Medicine

Malacca has also been enjoying it’s status as one of Malaysia’s top medical tourism destination with tens of thousands flocking there each year. Malacca’s medical center is equipped with the latest modern facilities, highly-skilled medical professionals and quality service, all at an affordable rate. The old city is especially popular with travelers from Indonesia who enjoy the top-notch medical services and remarkable attractions in addition to the convenient transit. Medical travelers can soak up the idyll peaceful atmosphere as they heal in this historic city.

Perfecting the Ancient Art of Relaxation

The rich history of Malacca infuses even it’s spa and resorts. Malacca offers a one-of-a kind spa experience as some spas base their therapies on the healing heritage of the Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan culture.

Using the philosophy and practices of traditional medicine such as bird’s nest and palm sugar, the ritualistic treatments aims to recapture your life energies and soothe your aching body.

Additionally, there are resorts that provide authentic traditional holistic healing experience employing Ayurvedic doctors from India and traditional chinese medicine doctors from China. So shake off the shackles of modern life and be transported into an era of peace and serenity.

SPA VILLAGE MELAKA utilizes healing therapies based on Baba-Nyonya tradition.

THE ORCHARD RESORT offers authentic traditional Chinese and Indian holistic healing services to guests.