Penang is a pretty perfect place for retirees. Better yet if you’re a foodie too. Commonly regarded as Malaysia’s food haven state, the island provides gastronomical delights that you won’t tire out of choices of. 

Also affectionately termed the Pearl of The Orient, Penang is home to many retirees, and part of that includes a large and active community of expats. Public transport is also easily accessible through Rapid Penang, the main public bus service that covers both the island and the mainland.

At the center of it all is George Town, the heart of Penang. Rich with multicultural diversity and history, with a melting pot of sumptuous, mouth-watering fusion of cuisines (nasi kandar being a notable, classic example), this little island, though small (only about ⅓ of Singapore, another tiny island in itself), also happens to be one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites (for over a decade now, having received inscription since 2008).


An aerial panorama cityscape of Georgetown, capital of Penang state


It’s no wonder too, with the colonial heritage buildings that are adorned throughout Georgetown, being kept beautifully preserved. Penang is a never ending seamless blend of both old and new, a mix of both modernity and colonial beginnings/ origins. It’s easy to see why Penang, for those fortunate to know about its existence, have consistently lulled retirees into its warm, year-long tropical embrace.

Besides that, Penang is also a relatively safe place to reside in, with crime rates being on the lower end overall. Of course, standard precautions like keeping an eye on your belongings at all times should still be practiced. Also, Penang being an island means that it doesn’t take much long to reach anywhere around town. At most, a typically 30 minute-long drive is required if you’re running about from one place to another. 

In addition to the warm, sunny beaches all year long, there are also verdant hills abound perfect for both sightseeing and hiking. Cost of living in Penang is also more budget-friendly and economical than Kuala Lumpur. Penangites are also warm people, and the majority of them have a decent grasp of English with the language being widely spoken here.

Let’s not forget the top-notch quality healthcare here as well. Malaysia ranks highly as one of the world’s top destinations for health tourism, and Penang is definitely no exception. Quality and service is not compromised in lieu of the affordability of healthcare in comparison to other countries by the many highly qualified specialists and staff alike. There is no shortage of both public and private hospitals, all well-established. In short, you are guaranteed to be in good hands under Penang’s medical care.

So with all that said, we hope that this has intrigued you to consider Penang as your place of retirement. We are confident that this little island will endear you before you know it. Until then, stay safe, and be well.

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