For many of us, a soak in a warm bath is on our list of most relaxing things to do. What if, instead of the sterile walls of your bathroom, you get to do that while enjoying beautiful natural landscapes and fresh air? And what if your hot bath comes premixed with a bunch of essential minerals, courtesy of nature? Enter hot springs.

Hot springs are popular hot spots, and for good reason. These nature’s spas are largely believed to help enhance a person’s health and wellbeing. Among others, hot springs are thought to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Increase circulation and metabolic rate
  • Detoxify the body and promote a healthier complexion
  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Facilitate healing

Join us as we take a journey of wellness across Asia to discover some of the best hot springs in the region.


Kusatsu, Japan

This mountain town in central Japan is the site of some of the oldest hot springs in the country. Thanks to its location near three volcanoes (one active and two dormant), the area is home to over 100 baths which are chockfull of sulphur and healing minerals which are said to help treat sore muscles, bruises, burns and indigestion.


Yambajan, Tibet

Touting eight mineral-rich springs, Yambajan provides plenty of opportunities for visitors to soak and relax. An added bonus is its gorgeous panoramas. Surrounded by glaciers, forests and snow-topped hills, the town boasts scenic backdrops – the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing soak. This serene sanctuary is great for those looking for a peaceful getaway.


Sikkim, India

India has some of the richest sulphur pools in Asia which are famed for their therapeutic properties, and Sikkim is home  to some of its finest ones. The state is perched on an elevation of between 300m and 8,585m above sea level and commands an awe-inspiring view of majestic mountain chains, including Kanchanjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world.


Wulai, Taiwan

Found along the banks of the Nanshi Creek, this town has one of the most famous hot springs in northern Taiwan. Nicknamed “Spring Beauty” because of its revitalising effects on skin, the hot spring’s colourless and odourless waters have a high sodium carbonate content. As the area is home to the Atayai tribe, visitors can also explore the indigenous culture and cuisine there.

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