Would you like the opportunity to go on a spa holiday? To have a chance to truly unwind in another country and not have your usual worries cloud your mind?

Spa tourism is part of a trend that is fast gaining popularity, i.e. wellness tourism. By definition, wellness tourism is the act of travelling abroad to promote one’s health and wellbeing, be it through physical, physiological or spiritual activities. Several regions are beginning to gain traction in this arm of tourism, the most notable of which being South East Asia.

A region rich with cultural and natural heritage, South East Asia offers a myriad of wellness treatments that health tourists can benefit from. The lush, natural beauty surrounding this region is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s more, the largely tropical climate makes the region a pleasure to visit.

Why should you jump on board the spa tourism train?

Hectic lifestyles and unhealthy dietary choices have proven to be a serious problem across the world today. A spa vacation serves as the perfect opportunity to get away and enjoy the serenity a new environment can bring. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that some of these spas are located on tropical islands, offering a sight for the eyes.

Why South East Asia?

Seeing that the region is home to tourist havens which include Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, perhaps the more accurate question should be why NOT South East Asia?

While these countries are renowned for their beautiful, sandy beaches and lush, tropical rainforests, what people often overlook is their rich cultural heritage. These have been incorporated into their wellness treatments as well, so not only are they relaxing, they can also help enhance your health!

Where in South East Asia?

For a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, try Thailand for a traditional Thai Massage. An ancient form of a therapeutic massage, a traditional Thai massage can provide relief from  ailments such as stress, high blood pressure, headaches and back pain while also helping with digestion and blood circulation, among others. Performed via pressing techniques, this Thai massage will leave you feeling fresh, relaxed and brand new.

Directly south of Thailand lies Malaysia, a country with a rich, colourful heritage, thanks in part to its cultural diversity. There, you can enjoy a traditional Malay massage, or urut as the locals call it. The authentic Malay massage is usually done on the floor, and the massage combines various techniques, including stretching, long kneading strokes and pressure applied to different parts of the body. In fact, this form of massage is also often used as a pre and post-natal massage. The result? Improved blood circulation, stimulation of the nerves, and a complete relaxation of the mind and body.

Head further south and you’ll find yourself in another treasure trove of rich cultural heritage – Indonesia. It is here that you can enjoy a traditional Javanese massage. An oil-based massage with a history spanning over 300 years, it originated as a form of healing; thus, you know that you will be getting more than just your typical relaxing massage. A Javanese massage uses strong thumb pressure to create pushing strokes which, in turn, ease muscle and joint soreness and fatigue, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

So the next time you’re looking to unwind or for a luxurious pick-me-up, why not book yourself a spa getaway in South East Asia? Not only will you be pampered and spoilt for choice, you will leave feeling like a brand new person.

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