Thailand is known as a land of beauty, it is world famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous ancient temples and picture perfect green mountains. However, it is now known worldwide as not only a place to see beautiful things but to become beautiful as well!

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Thailand is ranked as one of the world’s top eight countries for cosmetic surgery in 2017. An estimated total of 105,342 cosmetic procedures and 23,056 non-surgical procedures have been officially carried out in Thailand. In 2016, 60% of the patients in Thailand were foreigners. Hence, just in a few years Thailand has carved a name for itself as one of the well-known destinations for undergoing cosmetic surgery in Asia.

In Thailand, the hospitals and private medical facilities offer a variety of cosmetic surgery options such as facelifts, chin augmentations, rhinoplasties, arm lifts, blepharoplasty, neck lifts, vaginoplasty, breast implants, hair transplants, brow lifts, liposuction, dental work, abdominoplasty and tummy tucks. The top five preferences of the cosmetic surgery are the blepharoplasty (16584 operations), breast enhancing surgery (14435 operations), rhinoplasties (12182 operations), liposuction (9173 operations) and abdominoplasty (4598 operations).

Cosmetic surgery is currently booming in Thailand due to the advanced technology, affordable prices, and high quality fast procedures. Most foreign patients state that one of the biggest draws is its high value cost. Medical prices of cosmetic surgery in Thailand is relatively low compared to other countries such as Singapore and the United States.

For example, undergoing simple eyelid surgery will cost you approximately US$1,500 in Thailand but it can cost you up to a staggering US$6,000 in the United States.

In addition, according to the chief censor for the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. John Flynn, the cost of undergoing cosmetic surgery in Thailand is half of the cost in Australia. To illustrate, rhinoplasty surgery cost $6,000 in Thailand, compared to $15,000 in Australia.

Most amazingly, these spectacular affordable prices come with remarkable quality and service. Medical tourists in Thailand often report being very satisfied with the high safety standards,healthcare, customer service, experience and expertise of cosmetic surgeons in the hospital. Many of the hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International, an organization that works to maintain high quality of health care to improve patient safety in over 90 nations.

Moreover, Thailand is well-known for its experienced cosmetic surgeons. The cosmetic surgeons’ of Thailand’s professionalism and quality is assured as most of them are certified by American and Australian surgery boards. Thus, patients can rest easy knowing they are in expert hands that will shape them into their dream faces and figures.

Furthermore, medical tourist traveling to Thailand for cosmetic surgery enjoy the luxury of fantastic ease and convenience. Many hospitals and clinics in Thailand offer packages that include surgery, hotel accommodation and transportation. Some of these packages even let medical tourist luxuriate in beautiful resorts where they can relieve their tension and soothe their worries away with the world famous Thai spas and massages. In addition, Thailand has many amazing tourist attractions such as the Kanchanaburi Lakeside Retreat and floating market in Bangkok where the medical tourist can unveil their gorgeous new faces and figures with awesome Instagram-worthy photos.

In short, Thailand will continue to grow as a hotspot for cosmetic surgery in the future due to its reasonable prices, highly experienced surgeons, high standard of medical services and facilities. After you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll carry the beauty of this gorgeous land with you inside and out!



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