Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, people from all corners of the globe flock there to admire the gorgeous ancient temples, bask in the sandy beaches, and play with the friendly elephants. But there is one more reason to mark Thailand as a must go tourism destination, its excellent healthcare!

Thailand, originally Siam, is one of the most popular countries for medical tourism. Medical tourism in Thailand is estimated to increase at an astonishing rate of 14% annually, aligning with the overall 12% rise of foreign tourist arrivals. Why has there been such a rise in medical tourism in Thailand? These are the most common advantages to getting your medical treatment here:

Healthcare in Thailand is largely provided by private hospitals. According to KPMG, foreign patients had generated THB48 billion income for private hospitals, which is a 3% growth compared to the previous year. Even so, the cost of medical treatment in Thailand is one of the lowest in Asia and the world. Thailand’s private hospitals provide affordable yet superb quality medical treatment for patients all around the world.

Highly Trained Doctors and Staff
Thailand has a pool of highly trained doctors, many of whom have studied or practiced abroad. These top medical experts are well-equipped to offer the latest and safest medical procedures. The largest medical group in Thailand, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) is also the fifth largest globally by market capitalisation. The group has an international reputation of providing the world’s latest cutting-edge medical technology to their patients. They have collaborated with many medical institutions from countries such as the United States and Japan. According to research, BDMS has accounted on the 10% increase of revenue from foreign patients.

Holistic & Alternative Treatment
Thailand offers the perfect chance to soothe your mind and soul as well as your body. Some world-famous holistic and complementary therapies originate from Thailand in particular the ancient traditional Thai massage. Rather than rubbing on muscles, in Thai massage, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked with deep static and rhythmic pressures. The deeply soothing experience is known to relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce stress and boost moods. There are also many medical spas and wellness centres in offering other alternative treatments like Thai foot massage, aromatherapy massage, and Thai therapeutic massage. These relaxing treatments are sure to promote wellness and harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit after any intense medical procedure.

An Exciting Place to Tour
Thailand has been on the list of the top 20 most visited countries in the world for several years. In 2018, it was at number 10. The number of tourists that travel to Thailand is well over 30 million and increasing by a large percent annually. As it is one of the major tourism destinations of the world, Thailand tourism offers a great supportive tourism infrastructure. For example, it is an aviation hub which all major international airlines run flights into Bangkok and elsewhere everyday. However, what attracts people the most is its spectacular natural sights, amazing attractions, delicious delicacies, and friendly people.

Whether its swimming in the emerald waters of Phuket or shopping at the Floating markets of Bangkok, Thailand is a wondrous place to enjoy yourself while you heal.





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